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Be at Peace with Yourself and Others

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Are You a Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, or Beaver? Enjoy instant access below to our free four temperament test to discover your basic

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Free Spirit-Controlled Four Temperament Test

Overview Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? You respond to people and situations in your own unique way

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Discover Your God-given Temperament: Overview

The Lion (Choleric, Dominant) Motto: Let’s get moving! Favorite Saying: “Let’s do it my way, now!” One Word Descriptions: Powerful. “The Doer.” Extrovert. Lion (Choleric) Strengths: Natural, take-charge

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The Lion or Choleric Temperament

The Otter (Sanguine, Influencer) Motto: Life should be fun. Favorite saying, “Lighten up.” “Don’t be so serious.” Or, “Trust me. It will work

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The Otter (or Sanguine) Temperament

The Golden Retriever (Phlegmatic, Steadiness) Motto: Be faithful. Favorite Saying: "Don’t get excited; it’s not that big a deal." One Word Descriptions: Peaceful. “The Watcher.”

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The Golden Retriever (or Phlegmatic) Temperament

The Beaver (Melancholy, Conscientious) Motto: Be prepared! Favorite Saying: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. One Word Descriptions: Perfect. “The Thinker.” Introvert. Beaver Strengths: Conscientious,

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The Beaver (or Melancholy) Temperament

Temperament Blends:No person is a single personality type or temperament, such as pure Lion or pure Beaver, but is a unique blend

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Temperament Blends and Summary

Do You Wish Others Would Act More Like You? When You Understand the Four Temperaments, You'll Realize Why You and Others
Act the Way You Do.

Your temperament is a unique set of personality traits you were born with that describe your most natural and instinctive behavior. God created you in His image, and each of the four temperaments reflects in some way His perfect personality. While you can't change your basic temperament, with the Holy Spirit's help you can balance out your extremes. This helps you get along better with others. So, learn about your temperament, accept who you are, laugh about your quirks, and accept others as God made them to be. Understanding the four temperaments will...

Change How You View Yourself

It's so much easier to love yourself when you realize how God made you. This helps you appreciate your strengths, and it also helps you identify your weaknesses, so you can strengthen them.

Change How You View Others, Including Family

It's not possible to change your spouse, child, or parent's temperament. But when you understand the personality God gave them, you can accept them as they are, encourage their strengths, and perhaps, in some small way, help them balance out their negatives.

Help You Work Together with Other People

The temperaments communicate in different ways. When you figure which one they are, you will know better how to communicate with them. Be sure to download our free temperament test (below).