The Lion or Choleric Temperament

By Michael Christian

The Lion (Choleric, Dominant) 

Motto: Let’s get moving! Favorite Saying: “Let’s do it my way, now!” 

One Word Descriptions: Powerful. “The Doer.” Extrovert. 

Lion (Choleric) Strengths: 

  • Natural, take-charge leader. 
  • Goal-oriented, vision-driven. 
  • Decisive, bottom-line person. 
  • Doer, impact player, not a watcher or listener. 
  • Driven to correct wrongs. 
  • More interested in achieving goals than pleasing people. 
  • Intuitive and decisive. 
  • Makes quick decisions, with or without the facts, usually right. 
  • Prefers short communication with few details—get to the bottom line!
  • Highly competitive—thrives on opposition, dresses to impress.
  • Pragmatic, dislikes theory, concepts and speculation.
  • Loves history and non-fiction.

Lion (Choleric) Weaknesses:

  • Workaholic.
  • Control freak.
  • Manipulative.
  • Too hard on people.
  • Often viewed as insensitive.
  • Hates to admit being wrong.

Balancing the Lion (Choleric):

  • Develop Christ’s love and compassion for others.
  • Work on the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness.
  • Wait on the Lord and let the Spirit lead—get His timing on things.
  • Do things in Christ’s ability, not your own ability.
  • Learn to rest and relax.

The Lion’s (Choleric's) Gift:

  • Leading and motivating people to accomplish goals. Let’s make a difference and have an impact.

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