I am a Christian pastor and author who helps everyday people hungry for more of God renew their minds, be guided by the Spirit, and fulfill their divine purpose.

When I was fourteen, I began seeking to know if God was real. I asked Him repeatedly to "do something" so I could be sure. Within a few weeks, He overshadowed me with His Spirit. I walked in the glow of the presence of the Lord for four hours. This experience convinced me beyond a doubt that God was real. However, my childhood church was weak in Bible-teaching, and a few years later I left for college without Biblical values embedded in my spirit.

After college, I did not launch immediately into a career and worked a variety of available jobs. While recovering from a work-related accident on an oil rig that nearly took my life (click here for the story), I began the discipline of hand copying Scriptures four hours a day and spent well over ten thousand hours prayerfully copying and studying the Bible. I've hand copied the entire New Testament and filled thousands of pages with Word studies on various Bible topics.

This process revolutionized my life through the renewing of my mind and guided me into my current ministry. In fact, the Lord called me to the teaching ministry while I was copying out the passage in John 21:15-17 where Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him, and then commanded him, "Feed My sheep!" As I copied those words, I felt that the Lord was speaking those words directly to me. Because this impacted my life so much, I have dedicated a special section of this website to the often-overlooked importance of Hand Copying Scripture, which the Lord required of all kings in Israel. 

After moving to Paradise and joining Jubilee Church, Pastor Steve Grandy and I became close friends and began working together. I went through ministerial training and was ordained by the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee). Rather than going out and taking a church on my own, I felt I could accomplish more by working with Pastor Steve and the ministry team at Jubilee.

For thirty years I served as the teaching and administrative pastor. My duties included Bible teaching, small groups, media and publications, as well as maintenance and new construction. Recently retired from Jubilee, I still teach in the Ministerial Development Department of the California-Nevada Church of God.

My incredible wife Debbie and I still live in Paradise.  Yes, that's the town where ninety per cent of the homes burned on November 8, 2018, yet our house miraculously survived, and we've been able to return. It's so encouraging to see the new homes that are being rebuilt in our community—it's like resurrection! Debbie and I are blessed with two great sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and two awesome grandsons.

I've dealt with my share of challenges in life but God has been overwhelmingly good to me all the time, and I consider it a privilege and an honor to serve Him.