Temperament Blends and Summary

By Michael Christian

Temperament Blends:

No person is a single personality type or temperament, such as pure Lion or pure Beaver, but is a unique blend of two or more. For example, there are Lion-Otters, Lion-Golden Retrievers, and Lion-Beavers. Though all are Lions, each blend has a different flavor. Your dominant temperament is blended with one or two secondary temperaments. It’s the blend that makes each of us uniquely who we are. Review the document below for the twelve most common blends.

Every temperament has strengths and weaknesses. 

Each temperament has strong points which reflect the image of God and weaknesses that reflect fallen man’s corruption of the original image. As the Holy Spirit comes into our lives in new birth, He accentuates our strengths and balances out our weaknesses, so we do not go to the extremes we used to. Catch yourself when you go off on temperament extremes that are not well-received by others. For example… 

The more we recognize our temperament weaknesses, the greater chance we have of catching ourselves acting out those tendencies. Part of my temperament blend is beaver. Typically, if someone asks me a question, I share too many details. Now, when their eyes glaze over, I stop. I'm balancing out my weakness by using wisdom.

Accepting ourselves and our mates as God made us.

God made us the way we are for a reason. We can’t change our basic temperament type but we can learn to laugh at our natural tendencies. You can’t change your wife or husband’s character traits. They are who God made them to be. Learn to love their strengths and help them balance out their extremes.

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