God’s Protection

Praying the Passover Protection

The Jewish feast of the Passover illustrates a powerful principle of divine protection. (Exodus 12) Though Israel at that time was a nation of slaves, God sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt into the promised land. Pharaoh, however, had no intention of letting Israel go. Each time he refused, […]

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How to Live under Divine Protection

As perilous times increase in our nation, we look to God for divine protection. The Lord has a plan to protect those who pray and put their trust in Him. God loves to protect and guide His people, like a shepherd caring for His flock. See Psalm 23.

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Young Man Praying on the Beach

Powerful Prayers for Protection

Deadly viruses, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks on our American homeland have escalated our need to pray daily for safety. Here are 15 powerful prayers to set up a perimeter of divine protection around you and your family.God has a part to play in your protection, but so do you. […]

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