God's Protection Is Part of Your Covenant with Him!

God's Protection Is Available

God desires to protect us, but His protection is not automatic. In order for Him to intervene, He requires us to pray.

God Wants to Protect You

He said to Abraham, "I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward." God desires to shield you.

God Wants to Protect Your Family and Home

The blessing that comes on you is also for your family.

God Needs Intercessors

God intervenes on the earth when men and women pray. To receive His help, you must ask Him in Jesus' name.

Powerful Spiritual Warfare Protection Prayers

You must speak to the "mountain" for it to move. Don't be timid and hope that God does it for you. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. You can find more information on this vital subject in my book, The Armor of Light.

Recent mass shootings and terrorist attacks on our American homeland (as well as others risks) have escalated our need to pray daily for safety. Here are 15 powerful spiritual warfare prayers that set up a perimeter of divine protection around you and your family. God has a part to play in your protection, but so

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The Jewish feast of the Passover illustrates a powerful principle of divine protection. (Exodus 12) Though Israel at that time was a nation of slaves, God sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt into the promised land. Pharaoh, however, had no intention of letting Israel go. Each time he refused, God sent another plague until the

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As perilous times increase, we look to God for divine protection. The Lord has a plan to protect those who pray and put their trust in Him.God loves to protect and guide His people, like a shepherd caring for His flock. See Psalm 23.Though God reigns over the earth, He has given men freedom of

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