The Beaver (or Melancholy) Temperament

By Michael Christian

The Beaver (Melancholy, Conscientious) 

Motto: Be prepared! 

Favorite Saying: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. 

One Word Descriptions: Perfect. “The Thinker.” Introvert. 

Beaver Strengths: 

  • Conscientious, strong need to do things “right” and “by the book.” 
  • True perfectionist (often impractical). 
  • Reads manuals, maps, charts, lists. 
  • Serious, deep thinker, analytical, makes careful decisions. 
  • Creative, appreciative of beauty and intelligence, genius-prone. 
  • Prepared, carries lots of stuff in pockets. 
  • Makes friends cautiously, but a faithful, devoted friend. 
  • Emotionally reserved, self-sacrificing. 
  • Works projects day and night to finish. 
  • Researcher, doesn’t take things at face value, likes to dig into deeper truths. 
  • Well dressed, with every hair in place. 
  • Has a somewhat skeptical and pessimistic nature, foresees problems. 
  • Compassionate for others, doesn’t show emotions easily, often viewed as cold. 
  • Sensitive and talented, but has by far the most complex problems. 

Beaver Weaknesses:

  • Prone to depression, slow mood swings.
  • Overly analytical (paralysis of analysis).
  • Perfectionist, focused on errors.
  • Skeptical, pessimistic.
  • Hard time forgiving, turns anger inward.
  • Worries about his/her health.

Balancing Out the Beaver:

  • Can’t hold everyone else to their own perfectionistic standards, especially children.
  • Needs to develop the fruit of joy.
  • Must get over constant self-analysis and depression.
  • Can’t take everything personally.
  • Needs to walk in meekness and humility to counteract pride in skills and abilities.

The Beaver’s Gift:

  • Don’t settle for less than your best, but strive for perfection in all you do.

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  1. How do I research how to do the things to balance out the Beaver. IE- get over self analysis etc?

    Also how to balance out the Lion, Golden Retriever, and Otter.

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Great question, Larry.

      As a Christian, the indwelling Holy Spirit helps with our self-awareness. Pray and ask him to assist you in identifying your weaknesses and then help you balance them out. Learning what they are enables you to catch yourself in the act, laugh at your excesses, and stop. Realize these weaknesses are not unique to you but common to those with a similar temperament.

      In each of the four Temperament pages on my site, I list a few of the major weaknesses of that temperament. Look over the list, see what applies to you, and work on those areas.

      For example, if a person asks a Beaver a question, they tend to respond with too many details and bore people. Here’s how Beavers can balance that out. Watch the person’s eyes carefully. When they start to glaze over, stop talking. They probably wanted the thirty-second answer. If they ask a follow up question, give them another short answer.

      Regarding self-analysis, Beavers have an unrealistic expectation of being perfect. This causes them to over-analyze the past. If you did something wrong, ask the Lord to forgive you. He will. Receive his forgiveness. But then—and this is huge for Beavers—turn around and forgive yourself. Don’t keep beating yourself up for the mistake. (I speak from personal experience.)

      Christian books I’ve found helpful about Temperaments are:
      • Transforming Your Temperament by Tim LaHaye. This is three volumes in one.
      • Personality Plus by Florence Littauer
      • The Two Sides of Love by Gary Smalley and John Trent
      • Money before Marriage by Larry Burkett with Michael E. Taylor

      You can find helpful information in various personality profiles, such as those administered in a work environment, i.e., the DISC test and others.


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