The Beaver (or Melancholy) Temperament

By Michael Christian

The Beaver (Melancholy, Conscientious) 

Motto: Be prepared! 

Favorite Saying: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. 

One Word Descriptions: Perfect. “The Thinker.” Introvert. 

Beaver Strengths: 

  • Conscientious, strong need to do things “right” and “by the book.” 
  • True perfectionist (often impractical). 
  • Reads manuals, maps, charts, lists. 
  • Serious, deep thinker, analytical, makes careful decisions. 
  • Creative, appreciative of beauty and intelligence, genius-prone. 
  • Prepared, carries lots of stuff in pockets. 
  • Makes friends cautiously, but a faithful, devoted friend. 
  • Emotionally reserved, self-sacrificing. 
  • Works projects day and night to finish. 
  • Researcher, doesn’t take things at face value, likes to dig into deeper truths. 
  • Well dressed, with every hair in place. 
  • Has a somewhat skeptical and pessimistic nature, foresees problems. 
  • Compassionate for others, doesn’t show emotions easily, often viewed as cold. 
  • Sensitive and talented, but has by far the most complex problems. 

Beaver Weaknesses:

  • Prone to depression, slow mood swings.
  • Overly analytical (paralysis of analysis).
  • Perfectionist, focused on errors.
  • Skeptical, pessimistic.
  • Hard time forgiving, turns anger inward.
  • Worries about his/her health.

Balancing Out the Beaver:

  • Can’t hold everyone else to their own perfectionistic standards, especially children.
  • Needs to develop the fruit of joy.
  • Must get over constant self-analysis and depression.
  • Can’t take everything personally.
  • Needs to walk in meekness and humility to counteract pride in skills and abilities.

The Beaver’s Gift:

  • Don’t settle for less than your best, but strive for perfection in all you do.

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