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Mount Sinai in Arabia
  • Jim and Penny Caldwell lived 12 years in Saudi Arabia and investigated the newly rediscovered Mt. Sinai precincts in Midian (Arabia). They videotaped the evidence that supports the Biblical account, including including the "golden calf" altar, the altar of Moses, the twelve pillars, the spacious plain before the mountain, the cave of Elijah, the signs of a large encampment, the quarry on Mt. Sinai, and the graves of those slain as a result of the idolatrous golden calf worship. They rediscovered the split rock of Moses in Rephidim that has signs of water erosion at its base. Their video, Sinai in Arabia Live Presentation, is outstanding and a must-see. They present the evidence—you decide. (The traditional site of Mt. Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula offers little evidence to support the Biblical account.) Website: http://splitrockresearch.org