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Mount Sinai in Arabia
  • Jim and Penny Caldwell lived 12 years in Saudi Arabia and investigated the newly rediscovered Mt. Sinai precincts in Midian (Arabia), videotaping fenced sites, including the "golden calf" altar, the altar of Moses, the twelve pillars, the spacious plain before the mountain, the cave of Elijah, the tent circles, the quarry on Mt. Sinai, and the mass grave of those slain as a result of the idolatrous golden calf worship. They rediscovered the split rock of Moses in Rephidim, with signs of water erosion at its base. Their video, Sinai in Arabia Live Presentation, is outstanding and a must-see. They present the evidence—you decide. (The traditional site of Mt. Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula offers very little evidence to support the Biblical account.) Website:

  • Dr. Lennart Moller's book, The Exodus Case. The latest edition is the Fourth Extended Edition, 2010. This is a comprehensive guide to the evidence for Mt. Sinai being in Arabia and the Red Sea crossing at Nuweiba beach on the Gulf of Aqaba. Look for it on Jim and Penny Caldwell's site store (above) or search on

  • The Exodus Revealed: Search for the Red Sea Crossing is another outstanding video that looks at the possible locations for Mt. Sinai and shows the route the children of Israel would have taken to cross the Gulf of Aqaba to arrive at Mt. Sinai in Arabia. It shows incredible underwater video footage of what appear to be chariot wheels encrusted in coral at the crossing site. Distributed by Questar, Inc. and produced by Discovery Medial Productions. Currently available on Amazon at