Free Spirit-Controlled Four Temperament Test

By Michael Christian

Are You a Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, or Beaver? 

Enjoy instant access below to our free four temperament test to discover your basic personality type. Which one of the four temperaments are you? Lion? Otter? Golden Retriever? Beaver? Or if you prefer the Greek names, are you Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, or Melancholy? 

All these names refer to the same four personality types. We like the animal names because they are much easier to remember (and more fun). You'll find out soon enough when you take the test. Then, by going to the Main page, you can watch the Video Teaching that explains each temperament. 

Our four temperament test is easy to take and score, and you'll quickly get an answer. Are you detailed and analytical, joyful and fun-loving, steady and reliable, or strong and purpose-driven? Plus, you are not just one of the four temperaments, you are a unique blend of two or more.

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

As I taught this course at our church, we all laughed at ourselves. We found that a lot of our personal quirkiness is just the way God made us. This teaching has helped spouses live together in greater understanding and harmony. Also, parents have improved their parenting skills. They've learned not to demand their children squeeze into a mold that doesn't fit. (You can't force a square peg into a round hole. In other words, playful otter children generally don't turn into brain surgeons.) 

After taking the test, a lot of puzzling things about yourself suddenly make sense. The more you realize how God made you, the more at peace you will be. You will identify your areas of strength and weakness. Then, the Holy Spirit will guide you to control your behavior, so you can relate more easily to others.

The Spirit-Controlled Temperament 

Tim LaHaye called this a "Spirit-controlled temperament." The Holy Spirit will help you mellow out your temperament extremes. (For example, I tend to share too many details. But now when I see a person's eyes glaze over, I stop and lighten up.)

We can observe all four temperaments in descriptions of God and Jesus. 

  • As co-Creator of the universe with His Father, Jesus was detailed, analytical, and an artistic craftsman. (Beaver)
  • Jesus was a frequently invited dinner guest, an entertaining storyteller, and an engaging public speaker. He could hold an audience's attention for hours. (Otter) 
  • Jesus was the steady, gentle, loving Master who served the sick and the poor in His ministry. In His presence, suffering and hurting people felt safe. (Golden Retriever)
  • Jesus had a powerful vision, goal, and ultimate purpose for His life (the cross). He pursued it with relentless determination and courage until everything was finished. (Lion)

When we see these similarities between the Lord and ourselves, we know we are made in the image of God! 

Take our Four Temperament Test Today!

The four temperament test reveals the same human characteristics you have noticed about people since you were a child, but now they will fit into a clear profile. Take our free Spirit-controlled Four Temperament Test and learn to enjoy who you are, made in the image of God! Please take a moment and watch the video for key instructions before you take the test.

(If your test fails to download, try the resume download button in your browser two or three times. You may have to right-click on the item. If it still doesn't work, please email me at [email protected], and I'll send it to you.)

Once you score your test, look for your two or three highest scores and then click on the link below to find the teachings on your individual temperament. When you're done, check out the page on Temperament Blends.

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  1. This teaching will help me to understand my partner well… I am so happy with learning all this. I think I understand better now why we all behave differently.

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