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Jesus praying for kneeling Roman soldier

How to Put On the
Whole Armor of God:
The Essential Guide

Everything You Need to Know!

QuickStart Overview

As Christians, we know we are to put on the whole armor of God. But the Bible tells us little about how to do it. So, we do our best to pray it on and often get inconsistent results. But we don't have to settle for inconsistent results if we rethink our ideas about God's armor and how it works. 

This article and the posts below provide a comprehensive guide to putting on the whole armor of God. They will help you discover what the armor of God is, why we need it, how many pieces there are (this may surprise you), why it's essential to go beyond sincere prayer to put on the armor, why Paul called it "the armor of light," and why it works differently than Roman armor. 

Spiritual Protection

The armor of God protects you from seven kinds of spiritual attacks. Find out what they are and how each piece of the armor uniquely defends you!

Spiritual Enlightenment

Paul called the armor the "armor of light" for a reason. Find out what he meant and how each piece of the armor dispels a different aspect of darkness.

Spiritual Fruitfulness

Wearing the armor of God frees you to fulfill your God-given ministry. It helps you overcome the hindrances that try to stop you as you serve the Lord.

How to Put On Each Piece of the Armor

In the posts below, find out how to put on each piece of the armor of God. You will learn how each piece defends you from specific attacks.