The Golden Retriever (or Phlegmatic) Temperament

By Michael Christian

The Golden Retriever (Phlegmatic, Steadiness) 

Motto: Be faithful. 

Favorite Saying: "Don’t get excited; it’s not that big a deal." 

One Word Descriptions: Peaceful. “The Watcher.” Introvert. 

Golden Retriever Strengths: 

  • A true all-purpose person, adaptable. 
  • Easiest temperament to get along with. 
  • Full of compassion, very loyal. 
  • Steady, consistent, faithful, dependable. 
  • Great listener and empathizer. 
  • Closest thing to a balanced person. 
  • Not extreme, avoids conflict, works quietly, dresses plainly. 
  • Calm, unexcited, in control under stress. 
  • Has a wonderful, dry sense of humor. 
  • Practical, neat, and efficient in work. 
  • Has high standards of accuracy. 
  • Quietly accepts the status quo. 
  • Makes a wonderful, lifelong friend, can become a good counselor and leader. 
  • Has a strong need for close relationships. 
  • Has a deep need to please others. 
  • A quiet will of iron when pushed too far. 
  • Holds strongly to what they feel is right. 

Golden Retriever Weaknesses:

  • Struggles with fear and timidity.
  • Has a hard time making decisions, not wanting to offend anyone.
  • Avoids confrontation by hiding his/her feelings and failing to communicate.
  • Can be a doormat (especially when young) and a people-pleaser.
  • Dislikes change; prefers familiar, harmonious, secure environment.

Balancing Out the Golden Retriever:

  • Their natural compassion for others will draw them out of their shyness and timidity.
  • Needs to try new things, to motivate themselves, to learn to make decisions and say, No.
  • Faith and trust in God helps them overcome inhibitions and become more outgoing.

The Golden Retriever’s Gift:

  • Let’s be caring, loyal, and dependable.
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