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Equipping the Body of Christ for 30 Years

Pastor Michael Christian
Pastor Michael Christian
Pastor Michael Christian

Pastor Michael Christian is dedicated to helping others deepen their relationship with God, live victorious lives, and serve and glorify God. With over 30 years of experience in ministry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teachings.

Some highlights of Pastor Michael's journey include:

  • Experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit at age 14
  • Graduating second in his high school class and earning a B.S. in Communication from a well-known university
  • Devoting over 10,000 hours to hand copying the Bible, which significantly impacted his life, teaching, and ministry
  • Earning Exhorter, Ordained Minister, and Ordained Bishop credentials in the Church of God, headquartered in Cleveland, TN
  • Serving at Jubilee on the Ridge Church in Paradise, CA, for over 30 years, including teaching, preaching, and various administrative duties, as well as new construction
  • Teaching adult Bible studies for over 30 years
  • Writing two books and publishing seven books by other authors
  • Establishing Twin Pillars Press
  • Serving as an instructor for new pastors at the California-Nevada Church of God
  • Creating two assessments: a Temperament Test and a Spiritual Gifts Test
  • Enjoying hobbies such as gardening, computers
  • See Pastor Michael's Statement of Faith

Find inspiration and a deeper understanding of the Bible with Pastor Michael's blog—a source of insights on the biblical worldview.

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this helps you get along with others

Discover Your God-Given Temperament

Several people are enjoying dinner together when someone accidentally knocks his plate off the table. One person stands and asks someone to get a mop and another a fresh plate of food. Yet another pats the person who spilled, “Don’t feel bad. It could happen to anyone.” A third explains, “If you had kept the center of gravity of your plate over the table, this would not have happened.” A fourth tells a funny story about spilling food on himself in public and gets everybody laughing. What a team God has designed! Which one are you? 

Take the free temperament test.

pray a covering over your home!

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for God's Protection

As violence increases in our nation and neighborhoods, so must our prayers. Learn how to pray spiritual warfare prayers to protect your family and yourself.


Hand Copying the Bible: the Meditation of Kings

In ancient Israel, God held kings to a higher standard than everyone else. For them to rule justly in the fear of the Lord, God commanded the king to do something unusual by today’s standards. He was to write his own copy of the Law and read from it every day! As “kings and priests” in Christ, do we dare to do any less?

Become more like jesus!

The Fruit of the Spirit

As Christians, we have the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to act more like Christ. The fruit of the Spirit is the result of the Holy Spirit living in our spirit. In these studies, you will learn how to be more like Jesus.