The Armor of Light


People in every church have questions about the spiritual realm. The Armor of Light answers those questions in a balanced and biblical way. This Christ-exalting book shows you how to put on the armor of God and win your battles. Plus, you’ll discover nineteen secrets of divine protection and pray powerful prayers to activate God’s protection over yourself and your family. The book is ideal for group Bible studies with affordable wholesale prices for everyone. A free downloadable study guide will challenge you and your friends to grow in Christ. This practical guide includes copyable handouts for each chapter in the book. Check out a preview copy at 6″ x 9″ trade paperback, 184 pages. Books are in stock and usually ship within 24 hours.

The Armor of Light unveils the mystery behind putting on the armor of God. Wearing the armor strengthens you to stand against the wiles of the enemy, break bad habits and attitudes, and become more like Jesus. The Armor of Light shows you how to use the weapons of your warfare, be an overcomer, and stand strong for Christ.

As you journey through The Armor of Light, you’ll receive a firm foundation in the nineteen secrets of God’s protection, including…

  • knowing and using your authority in Christ
  • entering the blood covenant of protection with God
  • learning to walk in the light of Christ
  • understanding the three heavens of Scripture
  • becoming aware of the ministry of holy angels
  • knowing the origin and limitations of fallen angels
  • finding out where God’s sovereignty leaves off and your responsibility begins in prayer
  • learning how to plead and apply the blood of Jesus (the two are different)
  • reaping the benefit of controlling your tongue
  • why belonging to a local church increases your spiritual authority
  • how to tell if circumstances are from God or the devil
  • why the end never justifies the means, and more

The very things I wished to know as a young Christian I’ve put into this book to strengthen you so you can break through the barriers holding you back.

So, start your journey now and share The Armor of Light with your friends, group, or Sunday school. The book is perfect for small group studies. You can preview and download the free study guide here, so don’t let another day go by without putting on the full armor of light!

What Others Are Saying:

I cannot thank you enough for recommending this book!! I am a very new Christian and it is helping me tremendously.

I wanted to let you know how much our church is enjoying The Armor of Light book and Study Guide. Our 30-year-olds to our 75-year-olds are enjoying every chapter and insight. Thank you for hearing God’s voice when you decided to publish this book. It will be one of mine and many others’ favorite study book for victorious living. Can’t wait to read the next book. —Joann Patterson, Co-Pastor, Yucaipa Church of God

Ever pick up a book and begin reading it and feel the weight of the words causing you to slow down, pause, and really soak it in. In a good way! This is The Armor of Light. —Randall Schrum, founder of

A powerful biblical affirmation of the Christ-filled life. When you read a chapter, you know that you have to make a choice. To live a life of weakness or choose a life of victory. Mike’s book is a fantastic aid in making a decision for victory. Excellent choice for those who really want to truly know the God who is. —Michael Decker

Uplifting, Inspirational! An inspiring and uplifting writing of God’s omnipotent care for His creation and how the knowledge of Him can protect our souls from the onslaught of the enemy. Excellent read!! —Robert Stillwell

This book is so full of wisdom, knowledge, and insight that it is impossible not to receive from this labor of love. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting more of God. —Pastor Brad Thompson

Great book. Everyone needs to get a copy. This book breaks down how to deal with strongholds and deal with the spiritual battles that each and every one of us goes through. It is easy to read with great insights into living a life free of the devil. You do not need to be a Christian for years to read this book. This is a book for new believers to understand living a fulfilled life in Christ and gives you the insight to be prepared for battle in life. I recommend this book to all. It is great for Bible studies too. —Pastor Ric Steinert, Author of The Tzaraath Chronicle: Book 1 The Turn

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