The Armor of Light


New to spiritual warfare? The Armor of Light shows you the nineteen secrets of God’s protection that extend a spiritual covering over yourself and your family. It also helps you forge powerful breakthroughs in your personal life, so you can become the person Christ is calling you to be. The book is perfect for group Bible studies. The free downloadable study guide will assist your leader in inspiring discussions that challenge your group to grow in Christ. 6″ x 9″ trade paperback, 184 pages. Learn more.

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The Armor of Light unveils the mystery behind putting on the whole armor of God. And that strengthens you to break bad habits and attitudes and become more like Jesus. The Armor of Light shows you how to be an overcomer and stand against the wiles of the enemy.

As you journey through The Armor of Light, you’ll receive a firm foundation in the nineteen secrets of God’s protection, including…

  • knowing and using your authority in Christ
  • entering the blood covenant of protection with God
  • learning to walk in the light of Christ
  • understanding the three heavens of Scripture
  • becoming aware of the ministry of holy angels
  • knowing the origin and limitations of fallen angels
  • realizing the necessity of prayer
  • learning how to plead and apply the blood of Jesus (the two are different)
  • reaping the benefit of controlling your tongue
  • why belonging to a local church increases your spiritual authority
  • how to tell if circumstances are from God or the devil
  • why the end never justifies the means, and more

I’ve put the very things I wished to know as a young Christian into this book to help you and others.

So, start your journey now and share The Armor of Light with your friends. The book is perfect for small group studies and has group-friendly volume discount pricing. A downloadable study guide is available, so don’t let another day go by without putting on the full armor of light!

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